About the Burning Hearts School of Intercession

I would like to tell you about The Burning Hearts School of Intercession.

In 2010, My wife Darla and I started the school while on the mission field in Glasgow, Scotland.

I know it sounds like a school for intercessors, but it really is for everyone to be raised up in praying for others. We are all called to intercede at some level, even if that means praying for our family members and our pastors. I believe everyone from new believers to mature intercessors will be blessed and encouraged by the training.

We have taught the school, which is a two-day weekend training, in many places, including UK, Ireland, Germany, Mexico, Cambodia, and the US.

With all that’s happening in the world… there does not seem a better time than now to raise up effective, well equipped, people of prayer. Especially intercessory prayer.

It could be that the message of intercession is needed now more than ever!

A bit more about the school:

  • It is designed as a two-day weekend training, generally one evening session, with three sessions the following day.
  • Everyone from new believers to mature Intercessors will be blessed and encouraged by this teaching!
  • After the third session, called Onsite Strategic Intercession, we will take all those who would like to participate to a place nearby to do onsite prayer for the city and the region.
  • The school can be held at a church, ministry facility or neutral location.
  • We finish the final session with a time of corporate intercession. We will pray for the city and region, as well as praying a blessing on the host church or ministry.
  • This training is offered FREE of charge. During the weekend we will be providing opportunities for those who might want to contribute financially to Burning Hearts Ministries. Our goal is that there is “no cost“ for the host church or organization.
  • If time allows and more sessions are desired, the school can be expanded to accommodate more in-depth teaching on the subject of intercession. It can also be formatted for ministry schools and conferences.

Below are the links for the corresponding book chapters along with the audio teaching of the four lessons, if you’re interested:

  • The Importance of Intercession – Go HERE.
  • Effective Personal Intercession – Go HERE.
  • Onsite Strategic Intercession – Go HERE.
  • Intercession and Warfare – A New Look at Spiritual Warfare – Go HERE.

To watch the full video teaching of the School go HERE.

To watch a video about our first relaunch school in La Paz, Mexico go HERE.

To watch a video of an interview I did with Pastor Matt Turbedsky go HERE.

  • As you make plans for the days ahead, could you prayerfully consider hosting a School of Intercession?
  • Would you please share this webpage with anyone you think might be interested? Please copy, paste and share this link: https://www.burningheartsmin.org/2022/12/the-burning-hearts-school-of-intercession-relaunch/
  • Please read Recommendations & Endorsements from Pastors and Leaders. – Go HERE.
  • Please contact me if you have any questions or would like to discuss the school. (burningheartsmin@gmail.com)

Thank you so much for your time.