Book Review for Fanning the Flames of Intercession

As a very experienced prayer warrior and intercessor for the past 43 years, 36 of those in Scotland, I cannot recommend this book highly enough! Mike covers every aspect of both intercession and prayer warfare and hits repeatedly on the key item: intimacy with God! Without intimacy, we are and can do nothing! Mike has his priorities in the right place: Relationship with the Lord first and foremost, family, then ministry. I attended Elim Bible Institute from 1978 to 1980, when the Lord called us to Scotland in a very clear and prophetic way in 1979. My late husband and I first visited Scotland with a summer team from Scottish Youth Crusade in 1979. We stayed first at Orchil Castle, outside of Braco, in the centre of Scotland then were sent to lead a team in Christian Centre, Bishopbriggs under Rev. David Black, doing child evangelism by day and youth evangelism by night, along with all of our children. It was a life changing experience during which we were called to a life of missions in Scotland. I learned spiritual warfare and intercession in ‘the school of the Spirit’ and Mike hits every key element of both squarely on the head! Like Mike, I have been at Calton Hill praying with a large team that was doing a clean-up from the annual Beltane Festival. Our job, as part of the old Spiritual Warfare Network in Scotland, was strictly to cleanse the site from the activities of the night before. (Yes, we were all gagging and retching with what we sensed had gone on). As a part of that network, we prayed at key places in Scottish history to cleanse it and apply the Blood of Jesus to the past in order to set the people now free to accept Christ. Without this effort, they would most definitely remain blind and deaf to the call of Christ II Corinthians 4:4- in whose case the god of this world has blinded the minds of the unbelieving, that they might not see the light of the gospel of the glory of Christ, who is the image of God-NASB.

I read the book with a keen interest to see what Mike covered and I was not disappointed! This book is a manual that needs to be on leaders, pastors, missionaries, workers and believers shelves as it is SO thorough. It covers every topic that I have learned through trial and error, mostly error! I learned through my mistakes. Mike saves the reader the effort! What amazed me, as an experienced intercessor, was the amount of pink highlights throughout the book, denoting key points Mike has made. One issue that stands out particularly is the spirit of Jezebel that is behind the increasing numbers of domestic violence. As someone whose family past was steeped in Freemasonry going back centuries, and having lived in Lanark for 15 years, which is a town ruled by Freemasonry and the Jezebel spirit, I can testify as to just how virulent this demonic spirit is against believers. Every one of the elders and the pastor of our fellowship was attacked by disease and is home with the Lord now or in one case, out of the ministry altogether, disqualified by false accusations and phoney charges. The same is true in the membership of this fellowship.

Without hesitation, I heartily recommend this book as a working manual that the believer can refer to constantly. It will be put right up on my library shelf along with the other warfare and intercessions books, like The Handbook for Spiritual Warfare, the Art of Intercession, Prayers That Avail Much, Vol 1&2, The Deadly Deception, Sins of the Fathers, Victory in Spiritual Warfare, Mighty Prevailing Prayer, Strongholds of the 10/40 Window, Unmasking the Jezebel Spirit, Praise Releases Faith, the Power of Praise and Worship, The Name of Jesus, The Believer’s Guide to Spiritual Warfare, The Queen’s Doman, A Woman’s Guide to Spiritual Warfare (which I have taught from for years), Territorial Spirits, That None Should Perish, Needless Casualties of War and more.

Rita Sciallo