Introducing Burning Hearts Schools of Prayer


Burning Hearts Prayer Culture School

A two-day seminar designed for local churches and ministry organizations to reinforce the foundation of intercessory prayer by igniting a passion for prayer in each individual. Prayer is not intended to be only a segment of overall ministry, but is to be a foundation under all that we do.  This seminar is for leaders, department heads, intercessors and all those who are part of the congregation or ministry. Our goal is to allow the Holy Spirit to take each individual, and the entire ministry, to the next exciting level in prayer, as we develop an understanding of what a culture of prayer is. In conjunction with this seminar, I also make myself available for consulting on prayer ministry. 


  • The Importance of Prayer
  • Effective Personal Prayer
  • Building a Prayer Culture
  • In Invitation to Intimacy

Burning Hearts School of Intercession

The school is similar to the prayer culture school except that it is focused primarily on intercessory prayer. Intercession is simply defined as, “focused prayer for others.” It sounds like it would be a school for intercessors, but it is really for everyone. In the sessions we demystify and define intercession biblically as well as offer practical wisdom.


  • The Importance of Intercession
  • Effective Personal Intercession
  • On-site Strategic Intercession
  • The Principles of Spiritual Warfare

If you would like to watch the video directly on YouTube go here.